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Specifications:  (Red features are new to the LCX )

  • 3 Outputs:
    • Pyro output 1 - Jumper select between Launch detect (for clusters) and Burnout detect (for staging)
    • Pyro output 2 - Fires at Apogee detect.  Inertial Apogee is standard, and used by default. Apogee detection based on Accelerometer data is not subject to problems with Mach transition.  Apogee detection based on Barometric data works better in cases like strap-on boosters, where tumbling may occur.
    • Pyro output 3 - Can be set to fire a number of seconds after inertial apogee (ARLISS mode).
      • Fires at a configurable low altitude, defaults to 800. Can be configured in range of 10 to 2550 feet or meters in 10 (foot or meter) increments.
    • All Ouputs have optional timer with 1/8 sec resolution.
    • Can handle up to 4 stages.
    • If a timer is used on a stage output, and Apogee is detected before the timer ends, the output will be inhibited as a safety feature.
  • Status Beeper shows readiness at launch, and maximum altitude upon landing, Pyro Battery level and continuity of each output.
  • Altitude is Barometric based.
  • Barometric sensor accurate to over 70,000
  • Metric or English Altitude readout and specification.
  • Analog to Digital converter reads accelerometer and barometric sensors to 10 bit precision.
  • High performance RISC processor uses proprietary techniques to calculate altitude properly. It does not rely on linear simplifications, but follows atmospheric pressure to altitude models very closely.
  • High current FET driven pyro outputs are capable of delivering up to 4 amps for a full second, on the cluster / stage output, and 5 amps one the other 2 outputs.
  • Available in 50g (Standard), 100g versions available.
  • Uses 2 batteries to ensure that the battery driving the pyro output does not interfere with the computer.
  • Low current jumper provided allowing one-battery use.
  • Positive retention header is standard.
  • Configured by default to work like the LCD.  Optional USB or Serial card required to configure options. Flight View used to configure.
  • Unit dimensions: 3.9 x 0.7
  • Prices:  LCX $134.95 SRP
    • Optional USB or RS-232 card: $35 SRP.  (Can be shared with our other computers)