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GWiz LC is our lowest cost unit, at a suggested retail of $89.95.  It is an acceleration only unit that is capable of deploying a recovery device at apogee, and, either igniting clustered motors at launch or second stage motors at burnout (jumper selectable). Integrated altitude will be displayed at landing.

The LC Deluxe adds a barometric sensor for more accurate maximum altitude determination.  This does not affect the actual detection of apogee, nor is this unit affected by Mach transitions. The addition of the Barometric sensor also enables use to add an additional output channel for low altitude deployment. Units set for 400 or 800 are both available. The Barometer has a maximum detectable altitude of about 38,000 feet MSL, but this affects apogee read-out only, not apogee detection.


  • Pyro output 1 - Jumper select between Launch detect (for clusters) and Burnout detect (for staging)
  • Pyro output 2 - Fires at Apogee detect.  Apogee detection is always based on Accelerometer data, and is not subject to problems with Mach transition.
  • Pyro output 3 (LC Deluxe only) - Fires at a fixed low altitude.  400 and 800 units available.
  • Status LED shows readiness at launch, and maximum altitude upon landing. Altitude is calculated on LC, and Barometrically based (more accurate) on Deluxe.
  • 2 (LC) or 3 (LC Deluxe) Continuity LEDs show continuity of device on Pyro output.  Flashbulb safe.
  • Analog to Digital converter reads accelerometer and barometric (Deluxe only) sensors to 8 bit precision. Equivalent to about 100 ft/count barometric, or .5 G per count acceleration.
  • High performance RISC processor uses proprietary techniques to calculate altitude properly.  It does not rely on linear simplifications, but follows atmospheric pressure to altitude models very closely.
  • High current FET driven pyro outputs are capable of delivering up to 8 amps for a full second, each. Outputs capable of delivering up to 50 amps are available on request.
  • Uses 2 batteries to ensure that the battery driving the pyro output does not interfere with the computer.
  • Positive retention header is standard.
  • Complete with mounting standoffs and battery clips.
  • Unit dimensions: 3.9 x 0.7
  • Prices:  LC - $89.95 SRP, LC Deluxe $134.95 SRP