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HCX Specifications: 

  • Pyro output 1 - Jumper select between Launch detect (for clusters) and Burnout detect (for staging).  When Staging, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd stage selectable.  Optional timer as well.
  • Pyro output 2 - Fires at Apogee detect.  Apogee detection is generally based on Accelerometer data, but Barometric Apogee can be selected, and is not subject to problems with Mach transition.  Also with optional timer.
  • Pyro output 3 - Fires at a programmable low altitude, settable in 100 (foot or meter) increments.  Also, may be configured to fire a given number of seconds after (inertial) Apogee instead.  Also with optional timer.
  • Pyro output 4 - User programmable. May be turned on with one event, and off with a different event. Or with an event plus a time delay in either case.
  • Status LED / Speaker shows and beeps readiness at launch, and maximum altitude plus optional maximum speed upon landing. Readiness consists of self test, Continuity checks, and both CPU and Pyro battery voltage levels.
  • Arming jack provided on board, and via terminal block for external placement.  Not vibration sensitive, and continuity checks work even when disarmed.
  • Analog to Digital converter reads accelerometer and barometric sensors to 12 bit precision.  Equivalent to about 7 ft/count barometric, or .03 G per count acceleration.
  • Acceleration and Barometric data sampled and recorded from 62 to 500 times per second (user selectable) along with all detected events.  Included mini-SD (Secure Digital) memory card will hold many, many flights.
  • Mini-SD card is read directly by FlightView when transferred to PC - no more waiting for long downloads!
  • Optional Break-wire launch detect.
  • Optional 3rd analog channel can be recorded and / or used to trigger an event.
  • Barometric altitude to 70k+ feet
  • Altitude selection, and readout in English (feet) or Metric (meters) units.
  • USB or RS-232 connection.
  • Graphing software provided works on PC/Windows, Mac
  • Software and Firmware updates provided free on web.
  • High performance processor uses proprietary techniques to calculate altitude properly. It does not rely on linear simplifications, but follows atmospheric pressure to altitude models very closely.
  • High current FET driven pyro outputs are capable of delivering up to 8 amps for a full second, each.
  • Can use 2 batteries to ensure that the battery driving the pyro output does not interfere with the computer.
  • Optional low current mode (jumper selected) allows use of one battery by limiting current draw.  Works with DaveyFire 28B and Pratt Hobbies WEC-1A.  May work with other low-current matches as well.
  • Standard model (HCX/50) works from -56g to +56g, but models are available by special order for: +/-112g (HCX/100), and +/-224g (HCX/200)
  • Reverse voltage protection on all connections.
  • Positive retention header is standard.
  • Complete with mounting standoffs, memory card, and battery clips.
  • Unit dimensions: 5.5 x 1.1
  • Prices: 
    • HCX/50: $234.95 SRP,
    • HCX/100: $309.95 SRP (Includes conformal epoxy coating),
    • HCX/200: $334.95 SRP (Includes conformal epoxy coating),
    • Optional RS-232 Interface: $35 SRP
    • Optional USB Interface: $35 SRP
    • One of above needed for connection to PC